PSA Oakland 2016–Information for Students


The PSA Endowment Committee Announces 50 $125 Travel Grant Awards for Students Listed in the Program and attending the conference in Oakland, and 40 $30 Registration Fee Only Waivers for Students Attending the Meeting and Not Listed in the Program.

$125 Travel Grants:  The travel grant awards are open only to undergraduate and graduate students who are not employed full-time in an academic or non-academic institution. Students who are eligible must be listed as a presenter or co-presenter in a conference session in the PSA Preliminary Program for the annual meeting in Long Beach.   Eligible students must also be members of the PSA in 2016 and must have paid pre-registration fees for the conference in Oakland.  Membership on a PSA committee does not count for eligibility.  Students who apply for a $125 travel grant are not eligible to receive the $30 registration fee only waiver.

Recipients of the travel grant awards will receive an email confirming they have been granted the award.  If an applicant does not receive an email confirming an award, it means they were not randomly chosen. All recipients must pick-up their $125 travel grant at the PSA Registration Table at the conference in Oakland.  Identification will be required.

$30 Registration Fee Only Waivers:  The registration fee only waivers are open to any community college, undergraduate or graduate student who is attending the conference in Oakland and who is not listed in the meeting program as a presenter.  Eligible students do not need to be PSA members in 2015.

Recipients will receive an email confirming they have been given a registration only waiver. If you do not receive an email, you did not get the waiver. They will be automatically registered for the conference in Oakland.

If you meet the eligibility requirements above, use the form below to submit your information by March 11.  A random-numbers table will be used to assign a number to all eligible applicants, and then a random drawing will determine the recipients.

NOTE:  You may only apply for one of the above grants! You must indicate which one, and you must meet eligibility requirements.  If you do not follow these directions, your name will NOT be included in the random drawing!

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Student volunteers needed for conference!

This is a great opportunity for students to meet people and become involved at the PSA conference.  If you are interested in volunteering for three hours in exchange for a waiver of registration fees and 2015-16 membership, please contact Volunteer Coordinator Tina Burdsall at for more more information.  These opportunities fill up fast!