2020 Conference Information

March 11 Announcement:
PSA will not convene this month, due to the continued spread and impact of the novel coronavirus.

Presenters will have the option to participate in an asynchronous online virtual format.

Read the full announcement here.

Theme: Democracy in a Divided Society
President: Dennis J. Downey, CSU Channel Islands
Program Chair: Elizabeth Sowers, CSU Channel Islands
Vice President: Ellen Reese, UC Riverside

Information about PSA’s response to the novel coronavirus

Preliminary program as of January 27

grid as of Jan 27 for newsletter

Information for Graduate Students, Faculty, and Others Presenting in Formal Paper or Research in Progress Sessions

These guidelines are for presenters in regular sessions (formal paper or research in progress paper sessions), to help you prepare to present your paper at PSA.

Length of Presentations:

The amount of time you have for presenting depends on how many papers are in your 90 minute session.  Please keep in mind that it takes time to transition from paper to paper, including accessing any powerpoint presentations you have, and that you need to leave time for questions. The Presider will have to cut off presenters who go beyond their allotted time.

  • For sessions with 4 papers, please limit your talk to 15 minutes.
  • For sessions with 5 papers, please limit your talk to 12 minutes.
  • For sessions with 3 or fewer presenters, please limit your presentation to 20 minutes.

It is best to take questions after all have presented, rather than after individual presentations, to ensure ample time for all papers to be heard.

Session Information:

Each session has both an Organizer and a Presider.  The Organizer is the person who put the session together; they may or may not be present at the session itself.  The Presider is a volunteer, often one of the presenters from the session, who is responsible for helping the session run smoothly–reminding presenters of time guidelines, usually introducing each presenter, and also communicating with PSA if there are any technology or other problems. If for some reason the Presider does not show up, someone else will need to take on these tasks.


PSA provides a fairly new LCD projector with SVGA, USB, and HDMI inputs and connector cords, a basic laptop, and a screen. These projectors may not connect well with older laptops, or laptops running unusual software—and many smaller devices such as tablets do not have the necessary ports to connect to the projector.  A limited supply of special Mac connectors are available for checkout at the PSA Registration area, but the variety of Mac connectors changes quickly and they tend to be quite expensive, so we may not have the right one for your device.  The projectors typically automatically link to a laptop once they are correctly connected and powered up. You can connect your own laptop to the PSA projector, or use the PSA laptop. If you will use slides or other projected files as part of your presentation, bring it on a thumb drive (even if you bring your own laptop).  It works best if all presenters share one laptop and preload their files to this laptop prior to the start of the session.

Any special technology/other requests must have been made along with paper submission.

Note: for the 2020 conference, limited wifi access will be available in all session rooms. However, we strongly suggest that you not build streaming video or other data-intensive features into your presentation.

Membership and Registration:

If you have not already paid, please do so as soon as possible.  Registration cost will increase by $15 for late/onsite registration. Pre-registering helps PSA to plan for the conference—to order appropriate conference materials as well as food and beverages for receptions. Pre-registered attendees can check in very quickly at the conference, while those who have not paid appropriate fees will need to wait in line.

All presenters need to pay both membership and registration.