Call for Papers/Conference: Impact Zones and Liminal Spaces: The Culture and History of Surfing, San Diego State University April 26-28, 2019

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Call for Papers
Scholars from all backgrounds and disciplines – humanities, social and natural sciences, cultural studies, ethnic studies, sports studies, etc. – are invited to join us in a comprehensive examination of the phenomenon we call surfing. We also welcome graduate and undergraduate students, writers, journalists, community activists, professional and casual surfers to join us in a celebration of, and critical reflection upon, the culture and history of surfing.

Panel topics for consideration include, but are not limited to:
Surfing Subcultures
Surfing and Sexualities
Nature, the Sublime and Surfing
Embodiment and Flow: The Phenomenology of Surfing
Race, Class and Gender in the Surfing Community
Artificial Wave Pools and the Future of Surfing
Surfing and the Counterculture
Surfing: Sport or Art?
Surfing on Film
Localism in Surf Culture
Perceptions of the Sea and the Beach as Liminal Zone in Surf Culture
The Physics of Waves and the Physiology of Surfing
Surfers and Environmentalism
The Professionalization of Surfing
Technological Change and Its Impact on Surf Culture
The Political Economy of the Surfing Industry
Sustainable Surf Tourism
Global Capitalism and Surf Travel
The Repression and Revival of Surfing
Surf Music
Surfing and Popular Culture
The Relationship of Surfing to Colonialism
The Hawaiian Roots of Surfing
Each panelist will have approximately 25 minutes to present their paper and each session will have 15-20 minutes for discussion based upon audience questions.

If you are interested in presenting a paper or organizing a panel, please submit a 500-word abstract by December 5, 2018. For panels, please also include a title for the panel and list of panelists.

Please submit abstracts below. Decisions regarding the program format will be made by January 5, 2019.