Call for Papers: Special Issue of Genealogy–Genealogies of Terror

Call for papers for the special issue of “Genealogies of Terror: Histories of the Present”
Dear Colleagues,
Genealogy (ISSN 2313-5778, is currently running a Special Issue “Genealogies of Terror: Histories of the Present” which is guest edited by Professor Michael Blain of Boise State University.

“The spectacular September 11, 2001 attack on the US by Al Qaeda provoked a global War on Terror (WoT), multiple new power struggles and an intensification of political surveillance and wars fought worldwide. One can say without fear of exaggeration, “the practices of terror, terrorism and counter-terrorism” are fundamental features of the history of the present…” For further reading, please visit the Special Issue website:

The manuscript delivery deadline is 15 July 2019.

We invite you to contribute to this volume. If you have any questions, please contact the guest editor Professor Michael Blain ( or the journal managing editor Ms. Allie Shi (

When your paper is ready, please submit it through the following link: