Future PSA Conferences

2021: Thursday, March 18 to Sunday, March 21 at the San Diego Marriott Mission Valley, San Diego, California Room rates: from $169 (with a small block of discounted rooms for students)
President: Sharon K. Davis, University of La Verne
Theme: The New Normal and the Redefinition of Deviance
Vice President: Gary Hytrek, CSU Long Beach
Program Chair: TBA

Life in the United States today can be described as a sociological field experience that is ever changing and regularly surprising.  Driven by political forces and uncertainties, many aspects of our taken-for-granted lives have been profoundly impacted.  Women, ethnic minorities, the poor, immigrants, the educated, people with diverse sexualities, individuals with mental challenges, and people with physical disabilities, to name a few, have found themselves to be the targets of political leaders who wish to control them through renewed labeling, oppression, and exclusion.  The use of slogans, name calling, and rudeness unfolds in the media and impacts our daily lives.  Are we witness to the deconstruction of a society or growing pains that will lead us to a more equitable new order?

These are some of the many factors that influenced the choice of the theme of the PSA 2021 Annual Meeting, “The New Normal and the Redefinition of Deviance”.  As sociologists, we may not have anticipated some of these developments, but we must now study, understand, and explain them to ourselves and to others.  It is my hope that the theme captures and reflects these dynamic, challenging and exciting times in which we live.  More than ever, our sociological enterprise is relevant.  As educated social scientists, we study the past, document the present, and shape the future.  Our knowledge and leadership are profoundly needed.
–2021 PSA President Sharon K. Davis