2015 PSA Election Results

President 2017-18:  Amy Orr (Linfield College)
Vice President 2017-18: Wendy Ng (San Jose State University)

Council 2016-18: Vikas Gumbhir (Northern, Gonzaga University), Cynthia Siemsen (Central, CSU Chico), Judith Liu (Southern, University of San Diego), Council (Graduate Student) 2016-17:  Jeanine Cunningham (University of Oregon)

Committee on Committees 2016-2018: Kim Korinek (Central, University of Utah), Erich Steinman (Southern, Pitzer College), Jeffrey Houser (Northern, University of Northern Colorado)

Publications Committee 2016-18: Black Hawk Hancock (Northern, DePaul University), Robert Futrell (Southern, University of Nevada, Las Vegas)

Nominations Committee 2016-18:  Christy Glass (Central, Utah State University)

2014 PSA Election Results

President 2016-17:  Karen Pyke (UC Riverside)
Vice President 2016-17:   Michelle Camacho (U. of San Diego)

Council  2015-17:   Leontina Hormel (Northern, University of Idaho), Kathleen Kaiser (Central, CSU Chico), Augustine Kposowa (Southern, UC Riverside)  Council (Graduate Student) 2015-16:  Sarah Diefendorf (U. of Washington)

Committee on Committees 2015-18:  Michelle Inderbitzin (Northern, Oregon State), Ynez Wilson Hirst (Central, St. Mary’s College),  Marisol Clark-Ibañez (Southern, CSU San Marcos)

Publications Committee 2015-18:  Celia Winkler (Northern, U. of Montana), Ellen Berg (Central, CSU Sacramento)

Nominations Committee 2015-18:  Christie Batson (Southern, U. of Nevada, Las Vegas)


The PSA is currently in the process of converting from an unincorporated nonprofit association to a nonprofit public benefit corporation.  Check here for updates soon.

Read the resolution in support of the California Faculty Association in its struggle with the CSU administration, passed by the PSA Council in April 2016.

Resolution in Support of Academic Freedom. This resolution was adopted by vote of the membership in November 2006 The Pacific Sociological Association, cognizant of the attacks on both academic freedom and civil liberties, hereby reaffirms its commitment to the principles of academic freedom and civil liberties generally, and goes on record that we strongly support the AAUP (2005) position concerning academic freedom; Accordingly, our professional association shall vigorously resist any and all attacks on both academic freedom and civil liberties; Further, we pledge our commitment as a professional association, to stand in opposition to those who strive to limit such protections, whether as individuals or through their organizations, and to provide solidarity with faculty and students alike who may become the targets of such campaigns.

You can read a current update from AAUP here: 1940 Statement AAUP on Academic Freedom

The PSA also adopted a Manifesto on Academic Freedom in Spring 2008.  You can read the full text here: Manifesto Academic Freedom

In Spring 2004, the PSA Council unanimously endorsed a resolution against the proposed amendment to the U.S. Constitution prohibiting same-sex marriage.  This was passed by a vote of the membership in May 2004. You can find the full text here: Resolution against proposed Constitutional Amendment defining marriage as between a man and woman