PSA Council

The PSA Council is composed of the Past-, Present, and Elect- Presidents and Vice Presidents as well as elected representatives of the Northern, Central, and Southern regions of the PSA and a graduate student representative.

Council Members 2016-17: 

President Karen Pyke, Past President Robert Nash Parker, and President Elect Amy Orr
Vice President Michelle Camacho, Past Vice President Mary Virnoche, and Vice President Elect Wendy Ng
Northern region representatives:  Leontina Hormel (to 2017) and Vikas Gumbhir (to 2018)
Central region representatives: Kathleen Kaiser (to 2017) and Cynthia Siemsen (to 2018)
Southern region representatives: Augustine Kposowa (to 2017) and Judith Liu (to 2018)
Graduate student representative: Jeanine Cunningham (to 2017)

Council Members 2015-16: 

President Robert Nash Parker, Past President Patricia A. Gwartney, and President Elect Karen Pyke
Vice President Mary Virnoche, Past Vice President Dennis Downey, and Vice President Elect Michelle Camacho
Northern region representatives: Amy Orr (to 2016) and Leontina Hormel (to 2017)
Central region representatives: Sylvanna Falcon (to 2016) and Kathleen Kaiser (to 2017)
Southern region representatives: Michelle Camacho (to 2016) and Augustine Kposowa (to 2017)
Graduate student representative: Sarah Diefendorf (to 2016)

Council Members 2014-15:

President Patricia A. Gwartney, Past President Amy Wharton, and President Elect Robert Nash Parker
Vice President Dennis Downey, Past Vice President Shari Dworkin, and Vice President Elect Mary Virnoche
Northern region representatives:  Jocelyn Hollander (to 2015) and Amy Orr (to 2016)
Central region representatives:  Amy Leisenring (to 2015) and Sylvana Falcon (to 2016)
Southern region representatives:  Ellen Reese (t0 2015) and Michelle Camacho (to 2016)
Graduate student representative:  Miriam Abelson (to 2015)

PSA Executive Director, Secretary, and Treasurer also serve ex officio on the Council.