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Current editors are Matthew Carlson, Lindsey Wilkinson, and Hyeyoung Woo of Portland State University, with Managing Editor Elizabeth Withers.

Beginning in 2017, Sociological Perspectives publishes six issues per year.

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June 2017                     Volume 60, Number 3
This issue contains four sections with the following articles:

Perceived Threat and Nativism
Editor’s Pick: “Constructing a Language Problem: Status-based Power Devaluation and the Threat of Immigrant Inclusion”  Kevin Estep
“Opportunity, Resources, and Threat: Explaining Local Nativist Organizing in the United States”   Matthew Ward
“Perceptions of Racial Group Size in a Minority-majority Area”    Robert M. Kunovich

Status, Power, and Identity
“The Effect of Status on Identity Stability”     Jenny L. Davis and Tony P. Love
“Identity and Power Use in Exchange Networks”     Scott V. Savage, Jan E. Stets, Peter J. Burke, and Zachary L. Sommer

Social Change
“Returning the ‘Social’ to Evolutionary Sociology: Reconsidering Spencer, Durkheim, and Marx’s Models of ‘Natural’ Selection     Jonathan H. Turner and Seth Abrutyn
“Permeable Participation: Civic Engagement and Protest Mobilization in 20 OECD Countries, 1981-2008”   Patrick Rafail and Isaac Freitas

“Sociospatial Dimensions of Water Injustice: The Distribution of Surface Water Toxic Releases in California’s Bay-Delta”     Raoul S. Lievanos
“Variation in Attitudes toward Being a Mother by Race/Ethnicity and Education among Women in the United States”   Veronica Tichenor, Julia McQuillan, Arthur L. Greil, Andrew V. Bedrous, Amy Clark, and Karena M. Shreffler
“The Health Disparities of Same-sex Cohabitors at the Intersection of Race-ethnicity and Gender”     Hui Liu, Corinne Reczek, Samuel C.H. Mindes, and Shannon Shen

April 2017                     Volume 60, Number 2
This issue contains four sections with the following articles:

Work and Occupation
Editor’s Pick: “Skills Mismatch? Military Service, Combat Occupations, and Civilian Earnings”  Alair MacLean  (podcast available)
“Work Ethic among Jews and Muslims: The Effect of Religiosity Degree and Demographic Factors”  Moshe Sharabi
“Tradeoff or Winner Take All? Relationships between Job Security and Earnings in 32 Countries”  Wei-hsin Yu

Immigrant Family
“Who Helps? Immigrant-native Differences in Patterns of Homework Assistance”  Yader R. Lanuza
“The Asian American Advantage in Math among Young Children: The Complex Role of Parenting”  Benjamin Gibbs, Priyank Shah, Douglas Downey, and Jonathan Jarvis

“Gender and Popular Culture: A Comparison of Promoter and Listener Preferences for Popular Music Artists”   Patricia L. Donze
“Structure of Cultural Rejection”  Sosuke Okada

“Self-efficacy and Academic Achievement: The Role of Neighborhood Cultural Context”  David M. Merolla
“When Order Feels Good” Sociological Perspectives on the Role of Emotions in the Restitution of Order in Failing States”  Armano Srbljinovic and Jasmina Bozic
“Organization and Stigma Management: A Comparative Study of Dumpster Divers in New York”  Gianmarco Savio

February (Spring) 2017   Volume 60, Number 1
This issue contains five sections with the following articles:

Presidential Address (from 2016 PSA conference in Oakland, CA)
“The Link Between Theory and Practice: The Conduct of Sociology”  Robert Nash Parker

Pacific Sociological Association 2016 Annual Meeting: Room Presidential Symposium
“Introduction to Room Presidential Symposium”   Robert Nash Parker
“The Distribution of Customary Behavior in a Population: The Total Consumption Model and Alcohol Policy”  Robin Room and Michael Livingston
“Comments on Room Symposium”  Won Kim Cook
“Comments on the Distribution of Customary Behavior in a Population: The Total Consumption Model and Alcohol Policy (Room and Livingston 2016)”  Thomas K. Greenfield
“Comments”  Bob Saltz

Race and Nationality
Editor’s Pick: “Racial Discourse and Partisan Blogs: How Online Commenters Manage the Partisan Divide”  Jeffrey Dowd
“‘Asianness’ Under Construction: The Contours and Negotiation of Panethnic Identity/Culture among Interethnically Married Asian Americans”  Kelly H. Chong
“Fighting Feelings: The Emotional Labor of ‘Old Heads’ in an Amateur Boxing Gym”  Jeffrey O. Sacha
“Social Determinants of Remitting Practices among Bangladeshi Migrants in Japan”  Hasan Mahmud

“Social Stratification at the Top Rung: Classed Reports of Students’ Social Experiences on a Selective University Campus”  Megan Thiele and Brian Joseph Gillespie
“Family and Schooling Experiences in Racial/Ethnic Academic Achievement Gaps: A Cumulative Perspective”  Daniel Potter and David S. Morris

New Developments in Sociological Theory
“The Moral Economies of Self-interest: The Popular Confluence of Norms of Self-interest and Norms of Solidarity”  Luis Vila-Henninger
“Products as Affective Modifiers of Identities”  Daniel B. Shank and Rohan Lulham
“Wine as a Cultural Product: Symbolic Capital and Price Formation in the Wine Field”  Jens Beckert, Jorg Rossel, and Patrick Schenk

Winter, 2016                 Volume 59, Number 4
This issue contains four sections with the following articles:

Editor’s Pick: “Do Same-sex and Straight Weddings Aspire to the Fairytale? Women’s Conformity and Resistance to Traditional Weddings”  Tina Fetner and Melanie Heath (podcast available)
“Marital Investments and Community Involvement: A Test of Coser’s Greedy Marriage Thesis”  Young-Il Kim and Jeffrey Dew
“Marrying for Papers? From Economically Strategic to Normative and Relational Dimensions of the Transition to Adulthood for Unauthorized 1.5-generation Brazilians”  Kara Cebulko

“Career and/or Mothehood? Gender and the LDS Church”  Reid Leamaster and Mangala Subramaniam
“A Cross-national Analysis of Religion and Attitudes toward Premarital Sex: Do Economic Contexts Matter?”  Jong Hyun Jung
“Faith and Facebook in a Pluralistic Age: The Effects of Social Networking Sites on the Religious Beliefs of Emerging Adults”   Paul K. McClure

Social Movements & Policy Reform
“Stumbling Blocks or Stepping Stones? The Problems and Promises of Policy Reform for the Animal Advocacy Movement”  Erin M. Evans
“Feminist Identity, Feminist Politics: U.S. Feminists’ Attitudes towards Social Policies”  Maura Kelly and Gordon Gauchat
“Economic Threat and Protest Behavior in Comparative Perspective”  Kyle Dodson
“Challenging Extractive Industries: How Political Context and Targets Influence Tactical Choice”  Alison E. Adams and Thomas E. Shriver


Fall, 2016                       Volume 59, Number 3
This issue contains three sections with the following articles:

Environmental Justice
“Editors’ Pick: Disproportionality of Corporations’ Environmental Pollution in the Electrical Energy Industry”   Harland Prechel and Alesha Istvan
“Environmental Sentencing in the United States Pacific Northwest 2007-11: A Story of Disparity”  Joseph Kremer
“Making an Opportunity: Strategic Bipartisanship in Taiwan’s Environmental Movement”   Ming-sho Ho
“From Global to Local: Transnational Linkages, Global Influences, and Taiwan’s Environmental NGOs” Cheng-Tong Lir Wang and Ralph Ittonen Hosoki

Health & Health Care
“Inconsistency within Expressed and Observed Racial Identifications: Implications for Mental Health Status”  Whitney N. Laster Pirtle and Tony N. Brown
“Exploring the Effects of Spousal Race on the Self-rated Health of Intermarried Adults”  Byron Miller and Ben Lennox Kail
“Implementing ObamaCare: The Politics of Medicaid Expansion under the Affordable Care Act of 2010”  Daniel Lanford and Jill Quadagno
“Beyond Access: Social Safety Nets and the Use of Free Health Care Services”  Kathleen C. Oberlin and Oren Pizmony-Levy

Immigrant Adaptation
“Neighborhood Segregation and Business Outcomes: Mexican Immigrant Entrepreneurs in Los Angeles County”  Dolores Trevizo and Mary J. Lopez
“Cultural Capital, Motherhood Capital, and Low-income Immigrant Mothers’ Institutional Negotiations”  Ming-Cheng M. Lo

Summer, 2016             Volume 59, Number 2
This issue contains four sections with the following articles:

Insights from & on Academia
“Enhancing Gender Equity in Academia: Lessons from the ADVANCE Program”    Judith Stepan-Norris and Jasmine Kerrissey
“Going Public, Gaining Credibility: Student Perceptions of Publicly Engaged Scholars”  Timothy L. O’Brien and Oren Pizmony-Levy
“‘Success Is Relative’: Comparative Social Class and Ethnic Effects in an Academic Paradox”    Christine J. Oh and Nadia Y. Kim
“Adolescent-Parent College Aspiration Discrepancies and Changes in Depressive Symptoms”   Mary Gallagher

Race & Class Inequalities
“Social Bonding to School and Educational Inequality: Race/Ethnicity, Dropping Out, and the Significance of Place”   Anthony A. Peguero, Sarah M. Ovink, and Yun Ling Li
“Social Class, Family Formation, and Delinquency in Early Adulthood”  Danielle C. Kuhl, Jorge M. Chavez, Raymond R. Swisher, and Andrew Wilczak
“Wealth Inequality among New Immigrants”   Matthew A. Painter II and Zhenchao Qian
“Individual Responsibility, Culture, or State Organized Enslavement? How Tea Party Activists Frame Racial Inequality”  Kristin Haltinner

Global Citizens & World Society
“Expansive and Complex Pathways to World Society: The Global Connections of Kenyan Environmental Organizations and Their Support for Climate Change Scripts”   Christopher Todd Beer
“The Importance of Micro-level Effects on Social Movement Outcomes:MachsomWatch at Israeli Checkpoints”   Rachel V. Kutz-Flamenbaum

Urban Sociology
“Urban Mascots and Poverty Fetishism: Authenticity in the Postindustrial City”   Terressa A. Benz
“Curating Value in Changing Markets: Independent Record Stores and the Vinyl Record Revival”   Jerome M. Hendricks

Spring, 2016                   Volume 59, Number 1
This issue contains five sections with the following articles:

Letters from the Editors
Letter from the Outgoing Editors
Letter from the Co-Editors of Sociological Perspectives    Matthew J. Carlson, Lindsey Wilkinson, and Hyeyoung Woo

Presidential Address
“People, Place, and Power: Changing Life Courses and Inequality”  Patricia A. Gwartney

Special Section: Sex Work and Human Trafficking
“Sociological Perspectives on Sex Work and Human Trafficking”    Kari Lerum and Barbara G. Brents
“Framing Sex Worker Rights: How U.S. Sex Worker Rights Activists Perceive and Respond to Mainstream Anti–Sex Trafficking Advocacy”   Crystal A. Jackson
“Pimping and Profitability: Testing the Economics of Trafficking in Street Sex Markets in Atlantic City, New Jersey”   Anthony Marcus, Jo Sanson, Amber Horning, Efram Thompson, and Ric Curtis
“Not in My ‘Backyard Abolitionism’: Vigilante Rescue against American Sex Trafficking”   Elena Shih

Race-Ethnicity and Individual and Community Well-Being
“Race, Skin Tone, and Educational Achievement”   Maxine S. Thompson and Steve McDonald
“Ethnic-group Differences in Retail Enterprise: The Late-nineteenth-century United States”   Robert L. Boyd
“Immigration Effects on Violence Contextualized: The Role of Immigrant Destination Type and Race/Ethnicity”   Noah Painter-Davis

Social Identity
“Social and Individual Sources of Self-identification as Global Citizens: Evidence from the Interactive Multilevel Model”   Min Zhou
“College Republicans and Conservative Social Identity”   Jeffrey L. Kidder
“Preserving and Protecting Well-being among Homeless Men”   Josie Parker, Donald C. Reitzes, and Erin E. Ruel

Winter, 2015                 Volume 58, Number 4
This issue contains four sections with the following articles:

 Micro Dynamics of Social Life
“Encounters on the Social Web: Everyday Life and Emotions Online”   Roser Beneito-Montagut
“Expectations, Status Value, and Group Structure”   Stuart J. Hysom, Murray Webster, Jr., and Lisa Slattery Walker

“’We Didn’t Even Think about Adopting Domestically’: The Role of Race and Other Factors in Shaping Parents’ Decisions to Adopt Abroad”   Nikki Khanna and Caitlin Killian
“The Relationship between Military Service and Childbearing for Men and Women”   Jay Teachman, Lucky Tedrow, and Carter Anderson
“Academic Performance of Only Children Who Monopolize Parental Resources: The Case of Taiwan”   Wan-Chi Chen

Racial Formation & Consequences
“Jobs, Flags, and Laws: How Interests, Culture, and Values Explain Recruitment into the Utah Minuteman Project”   Julie Stewart, Michele Enciso Bendall, and Charlie V. Morgan
“Understanding Associations between Religious Beliefs and White Privilege Attitudes”   Nathan R. Todd, Rachael L. Suffrin, Elizabeth A. McConnell, and Charlynn A. Odahl-Ruan
“Perceived Discrimination among Latino Immigrants in New Destinations: The Case of Durham, North Carolina”   Chenoa A. Flippen and Emilio A. Parrado
“Explaining the Association between Gender and Substance Use among American Indian Adolescents: An Application of Power-control Theory”   Tamela McNulty Eitle and David Eitle

Movements & Markets
“Marketizing Social Change: Social Shareholder Activism and Responsible Investing”    Leslie King and Elisabeth Gish

Fall, 2015                       Volume 58, Number 3
This issue contains three sections with the following articles:

Gender & Sexuality
‘”I Did Not Do It My Way’: The Peer Context of Inauthentic Romantic Relationships”  Brian Soller
“Mismatched Educational Expectations and Achievement and Adolescent Women’s Risk of Unprotected First Sex”  Irenee R. Beattie
“Same-sex Sexuality and Postsecondary Outcomes: The Role of High School Locale”  Lindsey Wilkinson and Jennifer Pearson
“Construction of Status Equality in Friendships between Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Students and Straight Students in College”  Koji Ueno and Haley Gentile
“A More Perfect Union? Christian Nationalism and Support for Same-sex Unions”  Andrew L. Whitehead and Samuel L. Perry

Environmental Perceptions & Action
“Differences in Public Perceptions and Leaders’ Perceptions on Hydraulic Fracturing and Shale Development”  Jessica Crowe, Tony Silva, Ryan G. Ceresola, Amanda Buday, and Charles Leonard
“What Shapes Corporate Involvement in Voter Referendums? The Case of Opposition to GM Food Labeling”  Tarun Banerjee and Joshua Murray

Methodological Advances
“Making Sense of Asian American Ethnic Neighborhoods:  A Typology and Application to Health”  Emily Walton
“A ‘Paired Cases Contrast’ Method in the Absence of Reliable Metrics in Organizational Research: Proof of Concept”  Charles Powers and Marilyn Fernandez

Summer, 2015             Volume 58, Number 2
This issue contains three sections with the following articles:

Parenting in Context
“Mixed Parents, Mixed Results: Testing the Effects of Cross-nativity Partnership on Children’s Educational Attainment”  Victor Emonds and Frank van Tubergen
“Does Parenting Style Matter? Concerted Cultivation, Educational Expectations, and the Transmission of Educational Advantage”  Brian V. Carolan and Sara J. Wasserman
“Anticipatory Socialization of Pregnant Women: Learning Fetal Sex and Gendered Interactions”  Medora W. Barnes

Transitions to Adulthood
“Can Social Ties Be Harmful? Examining the Spread of Suicide in Early Adulthood”  Anna S. Mueller, Seth Abrutyn, and Cynthia Stockton
“Training Young Activists: Grassroots Organizing and Youths’ Civic and Political Trajectories”  Veronica Terriquez
“‘Pushed Out on My Own’: The Impact of Hurricane Katrina in the Lives of Low-income Emerging Adults”  Stacey J. Bosick
“Civic Participation through Volunteerism among Youth across Immigrant Generations”  Hiromi Ishizawa

Development in Cross-National Perspective
“Dependency, Urban Slums, and the Forgotten Plagues: Tuberculosis and Malaria Prevalence in Less Developed Nations”  Kelly F. Austin
“Taking Time Seriously: Delayed Effects of Economic Development on Democracy, 1960-2010”  Mikhail Balaev

Spring, 2015                 Volume 58, Number 1
This issue contains three sections with the following articles:

The Work of Motherhood
“The Importance of Motherhood and Fertility Intentions among U.S. Women” Julia McQuillan, Arthur L. Greil, Karina M. Shreffler, and Andrew V. Bedrous
“Negotiating ‘The Welfare Queen’ and ‘The Strong Black Woman’: African American Middle-Class Mothers’ Work and Family Perspectives” Dawn Marie Dow

Gendered Work and Culture
“Engineers and Engineeresses? Self-Conceptions and the Development of Gendered Professional Identities” Erin Cech
“Boundary Tastes at Work: The Gendered Effect of Authority Positions in the Workplace on Taste in Clothing and Food” Mart Willekens and John Lievens

College:  Sports and Religion
“It Pays to Bend the Rules: The Consequences of NCAA Athletic Sanctions” D. Randall Smith
“Social Context and College Completion in the United States: The Role of Congregational Biblical Literalism”  Samuel Stroope, Aaron B. Franzen, and Jeremy E. Uecker

The issue also features PSA Past President Amy S. Wharton’s 2014 Presidential Address, “(Un)Changing Institutions: Work, Family, and Gender in the New Economy” and a Letter from Co-editors Jim Elliott, Robert O’Brien, and Jean Stockard

Winter, 2014                Volume 57, Number 4
This issue contains three sections, with the following articles:

Identity as Social Process
“Self Esteem and Identities” Jan E. Stets and Peter J. Burke
“Becoming and Belonging in Gay Men’s Life Stories: A Case Study of a Voluntaristic Model of Identity” Matthew Rowe

Social Production of Difference
“Othering Obama: Racial Attitudes and Dubious Beliefs about the Nation’s First Black President” Daniel Tope, Justin T. Pickett, Ryon J. Cobb, and Jonathan Dirlam
“Are Perceptions of Discrimination Unidimensional, Oppositional, or Intersectional? Examining the Relationship among Perceived Racial-Ethnic-, Gender-, and Age-Based Discrimination”  Catherine E. Harnois

Global Inequalities and Movements
“Storytelling, Identity, and Strategy: Perceiving Shifting Obstacles in the Fight for Abortion Rights in Argentina” Elizabeth Borland
“The Legitimation of Inequality: Psychosocial Dispositions, Education, and Attitudes toward Income Inequality in China” Dong-Kyun Im
“Nongovernmental Regulation and Construction of Value in Global Markets: The Rise of Fair Trade, 1961-2006” Kristen Shorette