Past PSA Annual Meetings

Recent PSA Annual Meetings:

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2016 Oakland, California  President Robert Nash Parker “Linking Theory and Practice: The Conduct of Sociology”

2015 Long Beach, California   President Patricia A. Gwartney “People, Place and Power”

2014 Portland, Oregon   President Amy Wharton  “(Un)Changing Institutions:  Work, Family, and Gender in the New Economy”

2013 Reno/Sparks, Nevada   President Valerie Jenness “Research and Teaching Matters: Creating Knowledge, Policy, and Justice”

2012 San Diego, California  President Beth Schneider   “Intersectionalities and Inequalities:  Knowledge and Power for the 21st Century”

2011  Seattle, Washington  President Sharon Araji  “Domestic Violence Continued: Contested Child Custody”

2010 Oakland, California   President Michael Messner  “Revitalizing the Sociological Imagination”

2009 Seattle, Washington  President Judith Treas  “Recession:  Pain & the Blame Game”

2008 Portland, Oregon  President Jodi O’Brien  “Sociology as an Epistemology of Contradiction”

2007 Oakland, California  President Charles Hohm  “Sociology in the Academy: How the Discipline is Viewed by Administrators”

2006 Hollywood, California  President Peter Nardi  “Playing with Sociology: Truth in Disguise of Illusion”

2005 Portland, Oregon  President Pepper Schwartz  “Answering the ‘So What?’ Question”

2004 San Francisco, California    President Earl Babbie  “Sociology:  An Idea of Whose Time Has Come”